custom sizing down

to one quarter inch

we can lower your

risk as a distributor

we deliver at less

than market lead time

The heart of your home – always designed and hand built in the United States. We are one of the fastest growing, environmentally responsible distributor direct custom cabinetry companies in the country. We are proud to supply high quality, full overlay, frameless cabinetry.


Our craft is what sets us apart
- Our hinges, which  are ISO 9001 certified for life cycle, static load, and self-closing
- back panels are fully captured 1/4" material which is encapsulated in a dado (and secured with hot glue and nails) on every side.
- Our 8mm solid wooden dowels are clamped together in an automated case clamp to ensure the box is perfectly square.
- We only use full 3/4" x 4" nailers and stretchers.
- if you order a wall unit over 36", we construct it with a centered vertical partition for additional structural support.

Simply said - our construction is unbeatable.

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Our 180,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory in Ridgefield, WA allows us to produce quality cabinets with very low emissions and very little waste. What waste we do create is recycled into particle board.